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Native shade flowers

We'll be adding these soon to our catalog for sale here on our website. If you want delayed shipment on them (until planting conditions are right) let us know and we will hold them in cold storage until you are ready for them.

These are all native to Pennsylvania, as well as other areas mostly in the eastern US.

All are the species, not cultivars. If you have some interest, drop us an  email at


and we will notify you when they are available for purchase.

  • Black Cohosh   Cimicifuga Racemosa
  • Bloodroot   Sanguinaria canadensis
  • Blue Cohosh   Caulophyllum thalictroides
  • Virginia Bluebell   Mertensia virginica
  • Cardinal Flower   Lobelia cardinalis
  • Blue Cardinal Flower  Lobelia siphilitica
  • Foamflower   Tiarella cordifolia
  • Trillium, Red   Trillium erectum
  • Trillium, White   Trillium grandiflorum
  • Trillium, Yellow   Trillium luteum
  • Wild Ginger  Asarum canadense