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100 Hardwood cuttings--your choice of any of 9 plants, $49.95

100 Hardwood cuttings--your choice of any of 9 plants, $49.95

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This is an offer for 100 Hardwood cuttings, all 100 the same species--of your choice of 9 plants. Choose your species from the popup menu "Species/variety."  Save, then add a new purchased item for each species you want.

Prices for the hardwood cuttings are 10 for $7.50 (.75 ea.) or 50 for $29.95 (.60 ea.) or 100 for $49.95 (.50 ea.). (Have to be all the same species for discount.) If you would like to buy 10 or 50 of a species, see that item.

Below is information about hardwood cuttings, in case you are not familiar with them.

Hardwood Cuttings (HWCs)
You can grow many plants from cuttings take while the plant is dormant, which are called hardwood cuttings. The cuttings will be 3-5” long. Cuttings will be taken after invoice is paid. They will be bundled with the bottoms clearly marked, and the bottoms kept damp during shipping. When you get them, stick them a couple inches deep into a pot or pan of coarse sand about 6" deep. They can stay outside through winter, spring, and summer. Keep them damp and in the shade. By early summer you should see some top growth, then they should be fully rooted by mid or late summer, when you can plant them into the ground, or individually into  pots.