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Currant, Red. Ribes sativum. Open to see discounts.

Currant, Red. Ribes sativum. Open to see discounts.

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Currant, Red. Ribes sativum, USDA zones 3-8.

The Red Currant is a self-fertile deciduous shrub that grows to a height of 3’. Clusters of creamy pink 5-petaled flowers begin blooming in April followed by shiny red berries. The berries can be used in jelly, jam, or anywhere you would use blueberries,  blackberries or raspberries, such as in tarts, pies, and other desserts. Left on the bush, the berries attract birds and other wildlife. This woodland shrub is extremely frost tolerant and adaptable to a variety of soil conditions but prefers moist, well-drained soil and full to partial sun.

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