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Spirea, Steeplebush   5 PLANTS.  Spiraea tomentosa.

Spirea, Steeplebush 5 PLANTS. Spiraea tomentosa.

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Spirea, Steeplebush. Spiraea tomentosa ‘(species, not a cultivated variety)’ z3-8.  18-24″. Best in full to partial sun. Grows 3-4’ tall, and Will spread by suckers to form a flowering patch. It forms rose-colored flowers on new growth, so prune in winter if needed. Remove older flower clusters to produce additional blooms. Requires moist soil and can tolerate wet soil conditions around ponds or low areas.

This is a bare root plant ready to go into a pot or into the ground. Lot of 5 PLANTS. 5 PLANTS included for one price.


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