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Now shipping many trees, shrubs, and perennials!

We have lots of plants ready to go. Order them now before we are sold out. You can choose your delivery timeframe:

- now, or

- at any date you specify, up to the end of May, 2020, or

- at the time in Spring appropriate for your location

Here are some. Order here on the website, or contact us. Payment via Paypal. See our PDF list of plants if that is easier for you to order from.

Black Chokeberry.   Aronia melanocarpa   (species)
Buttonbush.   Cephalanthus occidentalis   (species)
Coralberry.   Symphoricarpos orbiculatus   (species)
Crabapple, Sargent.   Malus  sargentii    (species)
Crabapple, Dolgo.   Malus x   'Dolgo'
Crabapple, Prairie.   Malus ioensis   (species)
Deutzia, Slender.   Deutzia gracilis   (species)
Dogwood, Gray.   Cornus racemosa   (species)
Dogwood, Red Oiser.   Cornus stolonifera   (species)
Dogwood, Coral Red.   Cornus alba   'Sibirica'
Dogwood, Silky.   Cornus amomom   (species)
Dogwood, Yellow Twig.   Cornus sericea   'Flaviramea'
Dogwood, Kousa.   Cornus kousa   (species)
Dogwood, Pagoda.   Cornus alternafolia   (species)
Elderberry. Black, or common  Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis   (species)
Golden Rain Tree.   Koelreuteria paniculata   (species)
Hazelnut, American. Filbert  Corylus americana   (species)
Honeylocust, Thornless.   Gleditsia triacanthos   f. inermis
Lilac, Old Fashioned.   Syringa vulgaris   (species)
Liatris. Blazing Star  Liatris spicata (bag of 10 corms)   (species)
Magnolia, Sweet Bay.   Magnolia virginiana   (species)
Mockorange, sweet.   Philadelphus coronarious   (species)
Mockorange.   Philadelphus x virginalis   'Minnesota Snowflake'
Ninebark.   Physocarpus opulifolius   (species)
Persimmon.   Diospyros virginiana   (species)
Plum, American.   Prunus americana   (species)
Redbud.   Cercis canadensis   (species)
River Birch.   Betula nigra   (species)
Serviceberry-Shadbush.   Amelanchier canadensis   (species)
Spicebush.   Lindera benzoin   (species)
Strawberry Bush, American.   Euonymous americanus   (species)
St. John's Wort.   Hypericum frondosum   (species)
Sweetshrub.   Calycanthus floridus   (species)
Viburnum, Arrowwood.   Viburnum dentatum   (species)
Viburnum, Blackhaw.   Viburnum prunifolium   (species)
Viburnum, Highbush Cranberry, American.   Viburnum trilobum   (species)
Viburnum, Mapleleaf.   Viburnum acerifolium   (species)
Viburnum, Japanese Snowball.   Viburnum plicatum   (species)
Willow, Pussy.   Salix discolor   (species)
Winterberry.   Ilex verticillata   (species)
Witchhazel.   Hamammelis virginiana   (species)
Witchhazel, Vernal.   Hamammelis vernalis   (species)



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