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Our Plants

We sell perennial plants (those that grow back every year) and specialize in plants native to Pennsylvania.

We have plant offerings in:

- Edibles (fruits, nuts, etc.)

- Ornamentals (flowers, ferns, groundcovers, etc.)

- Shrubs

- Trees

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Most of the plants we ship through the mail are bare root plants. These are plants that have been removed from the soil or media they were growing in and the soil or media is removed from the roots. While dormant, bare root plants can be held for in refrigeration (around 35-45 degrees is best), or in an unheated--but unfreezing--garage if you have one. Next best would be a sheltered, shady place outside, maybe up against a house. Though bare root plants can tolerate temperatures in the 20s, keep them above freezing if possible.

If conditions permit, plant them in the ground as soon as possible, though of course you will have to wait for the soil to not be frozen, and ideally not be too wet to work. When putting the plant in soil or potting mixture, you should place the plant deep enough to that the top of the soil or potting mixture is at the previous soil line on the plant (above where the roots end). No fertilizing should be needed, but if you have some compost to add to the plant hole or put around the surface, that would be good.

If you need to temporarily hold the plant before putting it in its final location,

- “heel in” the plant in a pot by holding the plant in place in the pot and filling the pot with potting mixture or bark mulch. Place the pot outside and water it well. Put it where it can be rained on and kept cold, but sheltered from wind if you live in a cold or windy area. Or,

- “heel in” the plant into the ground or a pile of mulch (such as bark mulch) until early spring, when the soil can be worked, and you can plant it in its permanent location.

- keep it cool. Either put the plants in a refrigerator, or put them in a cool, shady place outside.

In most situations, you should water the plant well after planting it, whether it was in the ground, or a mulch pile, or in a pot.


We also have many plants available as rooted cuttings or small sizes at very affordable prices, so for instance you can get 10 'White Knight' Weigela for $9.95... less than $1 each.

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