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We are taking plant orders now for Fall 21 - Spring 22 delivery

You can now order our bare root plants on our website, some for immediate delivery--the rest for delivery Dec-May. You can pick the delivery week you wish.

Some plants are ready now to go into the ground or into pots this fall, and they will be all ready to grow roots during warmer times through the winter and early spring. Especially spring ephemerals, like Trillium, Virginia Bluebells, and others are much better to plant before winter, so the plants are all ready to start growing well in the spring. You can plant anytime up until the ground is frozen, just watch out for frost heave, which is when plants can get pushed out of the ground by freeze-thaw cycles.

The rest of our plants can be ordered now and you can specify what week you would like them to be delivered, anytime from Dec. through May. Your location (and associated climate) will determine the best time for delivery of your plants. Most spring-planted bare root plants are best to plant about 4-6 weeks before your last frost date. Here in central PA, zone 6a, last frost is early May, so the best time to plant most bare root plants is late March to early April. Yes, they can take some frost once they are in the ground.

So go to our web site plant ordering area and put your order in now, before they are sold out.

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