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Black Chokeberry. Aronia melanocarpa.  Open to see discounts.

Black Chokeberry. Aronia melanocarpa. Open to see discounts.

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Black Chokeberry. Aronia melanocarpa (species, not a cultivated variety) z3-8.  Black Chokeberry grows 4-6' high and the berries are edible as juice, syrup, or jelly, with sweetening, and have "... high content of polyphenolic compounds and one of the highest in vitro antioxidant activities among fruits."     Noted for its clusters of white 5-petaled flowers in the early summer, it is easily grown, and does well in full sun to part shade. Dark purple berries are favored by wildlife and the leaves turn brilliant wine red in the fall. It has a wide range of soil tolerance including boggy soils. This is an excellent wildlife shrub and a perfect choice for naturalizing. Native to PA and other areas in the eastern US. 18-24" high+ roots. Bare root plant.


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