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Fringetree. Chionanthus virginicus.  Open to see discounts.

Fringetree. Chionanthus virginicus. Open to see discounts.

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Fringetree. Chionanthus virginicus, USDA zones 4-9
The Fringetree is native to the eastern United States and can grow as tall as 12-20’. From May to June the tree produces magnificent white fringe-like flowers. It is typically not self-fertile, requiring male and female plants to be fertilized, and the male flowers tend to be more extravagant than the female flowers. Once fertilized, the female flowers produce clusters of fruits that resemble bluish black olives and provide a great source of late summer food to wildlife. After the fruit has gone the wide leaves turn yellow adding to the colorful fall landscape.

Sold as a bare root plant, 10-14" plus roots.

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