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Wild Ginger.  Low as $1.75.  Asarum canadense.
Wild Ginger.  Low as $1.75.  Asarum canadense.

Wild Ginger. Low as $1.75. Asarum canadense.

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Wild Ginger, or Snakeroot. Asarum canadense. Zones 4-6. Root. Wild ginger has attractive foliage and cup-shaped purplish-brown flowers borne near the ground. Not related to culinary ginger, but has a similar scent. Grow in shade to partial sun. Propagate by division in the summer or fall while the plant is dormant. Herbaceous perennial.

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 Herbaceous perennials die back after their season, then grow back again every year for multiple years. Most of our herbaceous perennials do best in shady areas, as they have evolved as forest understory plants. Our herbaceous perennials are all straight species, and not cultivated varieties.