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Hickory, Shagbark. Carya ovata.  Open to see discounts.

Hickory, Shagbark. Carya ovata. Open to see discounts.

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Hickory, Shagbark. Carya ovata. (species). USDA z4-8. Shagbark hickory is common in the
Eastern United States and southeast
Canada. It is a large, deciduous tree,
growing well over 100 ft tall, and can live
more than 350 years.

The nuts are edible with an excellent flavor, and are a popular
food among people and squirrels alike.
Shagbark hickory is probably the most
distinctive of all the hickories because of
its loose-plated bark. This is the hickory
with bark that peels in long, tough curls off
the straight trunk. It is a slow-growing tree
that is intermediate in shade tolerance.
Shagbark hickory has considerable timber
and wildlife value.

Full sun to part shade.  Sold as a bare root plant, 18-24" plus roots. 

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