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Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Low as $2.75. Prunus x cistena

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Low as $2.75. Prunus x cistena

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Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Prunus x cistena. A beautiful flowering ornamental perfect for any landscape, the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry has striking purple foliage and beautiful flowers covering its branches in spring. It is a hybrid of Prunus cerasifera (purple leaf plum) and Prunus pumila (sand cherry). It stays a manageable 6-9' in height, but can be pruned to stay smaller. Used singley or in small groups, it can provide a spot of color in a landscape. Planted in a row, it makes an incredibly beautiful hedge. Full sun to part shade. Prune after flowering to achieve desired height and shape. Sold as a bare root plant, 18-24" plus roots. 

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